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Weaved fabrics

S.C. IASITEX S.A. is manufacturing weaved fabrics with the following general characteristics: Compositions – 100% cotton, various blends of cotton with polyester, two blends of cotton with carbon covered cotton yarn Weight – between 90 and 400 gsm Width – between 90 and 160 cm Special finishing treatments – fire proof, water-oil-acid repellency, antifouling, antibacterial, […]

Weaved fabrics for bed linen

Soft and fine, 100% cotton! The fabrics we make for bed linen give you the full comfort required by a healthy, restful sleep! We can apply the innovative Sanitized® Actifresh technology, though for larger orders only. This way you will buy fabrics that have active protection against mites and alergic reactions triggered by them, against […]

Weaved fabrics for kitchen towels and bathrobes

The star feature of these fabrics is the unique combination of the 100% pure cotton yarns weaved into a stunning gofer pattern!  One can use these fabrics for making bathrobes, too. After just one wash, your bathrobe will be soft, tender and comfy! Perfect absorbtion, stability and elasticity at the same time, and full comfort […]

Weaved fabrics for individual work and protection wear

Always the perfect choice for making individual work and protection wear – IASITEX’ fabrics weaved especially for this purpose! The composition range starts with 100% cotton fabrics, the DOC family, going to the PROTECTOR’s unique combination 98% cotton + 2% carbon – ensures an antistatic feature even without any special finishing treatment, ending with various […]

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