Weaved fabrics for textile interior decorations and other household use (hometextiles)

We make 100% cotton weaved fabrics for drapes and curtains (blackout type included), for decorative cushions and pillows, bed covers (simple and quilted), matress protective quilted covers, decorative quilted covers for kids beds that can be used also on the floor as indoor playgrounds. Our fabrics can also be used in furniture industry for making covers or straight upholstery on beds, sofas, chairs, armchairs, footstools etc.

Lilly_karo-350x435 Antuza-350x435 Tofi-350x435

You can successfully use some of our fabrics for making wraps and slings for carrying babies and toddlers! Try them on! The simple weaved, or the double twist, or even better, the herringbone weaved fabrics are just perfect for you!

And we can offer more: fabrics for you to make shoping or fancy bags, small bags for dry vegetables and/or tea flowers and leaves, for rucksacks, simple tents, textile arbors, canopies, baldachins, pergolas, sun umbrellas etc.

Rustic-350x435 Dani_-_detaliu-350x435 Dalin-350x435