About us

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Part of the the most important Romanian industrial group, Grup SCR, S.C. IAŞITEX S.A. is one of the most representative textile Romanian companies.

Our experience and tradition, over 100 years, in textile industry guarantees our clients seriousness and competence in commercial relations, both our classical and the new products being of real success during time in more than 20 countries all over the world.

S.C. IAŞITEX S.A. is specialized in making and selling of fabrics and textile confections. Most of them are of natural composition, 100% cotton, but we also make a fabric assortment of cotton mixed with synthetic fibers for the most diverse range of destinations.

Short history

Established in 1910, the very first name of our company was ”Ţesătura” (The Fabric company) until 1948 when the communist regime nationalized it. During the communist regime the company activated under the name ”Întreprinderea de Stat Ţesătura Iaşi” until 1990, when the company went public, accordind to the new Law. The current name is S.C. IASITEX S.A.

plachete IasitexIn 2003 Grup SCR, the most important Romanian industrial group of companies, presided by Mr. Ştefan Vuza (PhD in Economy and Lawyer), became the majority shareholder by buying out the state-owned shares. From that moment on S.C. IASITEX S.A. began writing its modern history, being a serious and competent partner, resisting to all challenges brought up by the new economic environment, the capitalistic market, and permanently adapting to the political and financial permanent provocations.

The continuous investments in our personnel and technology, the implementation of the European integrated management systems are the endorsements to the quality of our products in more than 20 countries all around the world.