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Weaved fabrics with a specific technical use

IASITEX is successfully weaving fabrics that are used as support for abrazive products, and for conveyor and transmission belts.  Also, we make fabrics for medical use: support for self-adhesive band aids, gauze, operation fields. If ordered, we can weave glass-fiber yarns in special nets for constructions, and various filters.

Ready-made textiles for interior decorations and other household use (hometextiles)

Bed linen, single and double; also, individual pieces: bed sheets, blanket sheets, pillow cases and inlets, white, one color, or color combinations; Drapes and courtains – blackout type and semitransparent; Decorative pillows and cushions – printed, combinations of different fabrics, and/or with cotton lace; Cushions for chairs and stools; Table cloths – festive or for […]

Ready-to-wear individual work and protection clothes

We make the full range of individual work and protection garments for all purposes: industrial, medical, construction etc. (uniforms, simple and bib trousers, blouses and jackets, vests, overalls – simple and/or padded). All these items are made from our own fabrics, simple and/or with special treatments (fire proof, water and oil proof, antistatic, antifouling etc.). […]

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