SCR Group will invest in Dej to create C.R.C. – Compania Romana de Chimie (Romanian Chemical Company) that include three production sites: Chimcomplex Onesti, Oltchim Rm. Valcea and Somes Dej

chimcomplex-300x210SC Chimcomplex SA won the auction to buy the Assets Stack no.1 in Somes Dej Company, by successful concluding all the subjects comprised by the 2016 Strategy for Development and Investments, according to the General Assembly’s decisions. The Somes Dej site means 40 ha of land and industrial buildings, and amenities like water treatment plants, power stations, warehouses, railway depot, roads, etc.

Also, Chimcomplex is ready to buy in 2017 Oltchim’s functional assets so that, together with the activity on Dej site, new businesses shall come to life in the salt chemistry area, thus rounding up the CRC (Romanian Chemical Company) on the three logistic centers/sites.

At the same time, if speaking about the traditional activity of Somes Dej, respectively production of pulp and paper, Chimcomplex’ management team finalized negotiations with a highly professional partner with experience in pulp&paper industry, resulting in a 1-year common investments for restarting the paper production, and hiring 400 people in both divisions.

The SCR Group will release also a press declaration about Somes’ insolvency history, declaration that will help to the correct information to all that may be interested.

Restarting the Somes Dej Company is at the finish line, and we are proud to dedicate this new start to Dej city and to its specialists.